People maintain a connection across the globe. From a long time, people from countries want that they should have a connection that may help. Taking this idea into account, many socially available platforms got boomed such as Instagram.

There are several social networking websites and applications which are for everyone, for every age group. The use of these platforms has become so wide that people get easily addicted to them. Letters and even emails have become outdated, though people still use them widely.

Nowadays, after Facebook is losing its popularity because of certain privacy issues, other popular social networking platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram etc has proved their pre-eminence. People usually connect with them and make their own fan-followings.

With so much of popularity gained by these social networking applications. People have started earning through them. Instagram has so much of the invitingness as compared to other surpassing competitors that people get an urge to use it.

As Instagram is highly popular among the people worldwide that its users also get famous. Besides the notability, people also earn from this. Yes, the earning is absolutely possible. So the excitement rises, how do people earn from Instagram? Can you also earn through it?

Let us check out the steps how you can earn through Instagram.

Increase the followers-

Firstly, if you are having an account on Instagram and using it from a long time, you must have got a big number of followers and followings. Then it would make it easier to engage your followers in your niche.

  • Newbie to Instagram– Increase the number of followers by connecting with friends and various popular celebs online.

The second thing to keep in mind after having an account to make good quality content for your followers to have prying eyes into your social status via Instagram.

  • Using the most attractive photos and videos on Instagram can make you build a great fan following. Brag your skills over here.
  • Keep on posting regularly, so that it will make followers to have something to share about you.
  • Do not post any non-sensible things, you might lose your followers too.
  • Have the innovation in your posts with specific hashtags using its tools. This will make you look more relevant to your posts.

Associating with brands-

Many businesses are expanding their reach, they take notice of the people who are highly influencing the public all around. There are many platforms which have marketing strategies to get the best out of the audience.

So, associate with brands to work with them and earn some penny. There are certain tools available online to connect to the marketing platforms.

How to connect with brands?

  • One of the platforms to get associated with the brands is Tribe. If you don’t have many followers limited to 2-3 thousand, you can use tribe to find brands of your choice. You get paid within 48 hours if the post you give for review is approved.
  • Buzzweb is another tool which can help you to monetize your Instagram account. The audience or the viewers you have, make your monthly earnings, as it calculates the size of the audience you engage to your posts. This works if you have 5000 and above followers.
  • Fullbottle is among the best platforms which can give you money. The criteria of this platform depend on the number of engagements of the audience to your content. You will be paid on the highly engaging content to your account.
  • If you don’t have an idea to which brands to associate with, then you can search for the brands to collaborate with them. provides this platform to join the marketing campaigns as it has so many popular brands registered with it.

To understand all this, let us suppose an example. If you make a sporty video, say skateboarding. You wear a branded t-shirt and take the skateboard of a company you got associated with. And you are attracting a large number of audiences of about 1,00,000 with your content. The accessories you show, the brand you wear will be searched by the viewers later which will increase the company’s revenue and sale. This will help you to earn as you get paid by the company.

Hence, this way you can earn money through Instagram.