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Samsung announced an alliance with Google to enhance the communication services on Android. The collaboration aims at amalgamating android messages and Samsung messages to work together. The new features will allow chats over Wi-Fi networks, rich group chats creation, typing indicators and read receipts status along with the ability to share high-quality multimedia across multiple platforms. The new technology of RCS-Based Messaging will be released into the market with Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ and continuing with every new Samsung smartphone launched thereafter. Phones that use supported carries as a base will be the first to attain these features.

The alliance will benefit the RCS Business Messaging users as well. The range of customers for developers and brands will be broadened by the involvement of both Android Messages and Samsung Messages, thus expanding their RCS reach.

Some of the models which would be introduced with the RCS features are Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S8 Active, and select Galaxy A and Galaxy J series smartphones with immediate effect. Precisely speaking, all the Samsung phones that are compatible with Pie will be eligible, subject to carrier and market availability.

Patrick Chomet, EVP, and Head of Product and Services Innovation Team, Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics brought to the internet via blog post that at Samsung, they follow and accept open collaborations to deliver a premium experience to their customers across the world. Through their collaboration with Google, they would provide a richer messaging experience to their customers. It will facilitate the users to chat with their mates, family, and friends across the messaging platform. The collaboration would work as an initial step towards the advancement of messaging interface and global RCS coverage, he added.

Google announced a release of a new app called ‘Chat’ in April. The app serves as an RCS-based SMS replacement platform for Android Messages. The company further announced that the investment in Allo, which is yet another project of multiple messaging platform projects, will be paused.

In March 2017, Samsung announced that its RCS services abide by the GSMA RCS specifications. This proves the fact that RCS feature is indeed a true successor to the SMS/ MMS phase.

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