Microsoft Enters Blockchain with a tool for Azure
Microsoft Enters Blockchain with a tool for Azure

Microsoft announced a new product on this Monday “The Azure Blockchain Workbench”, in this they have released a new set of tools for developers that work with distributed ledger tech.

The Azure Blockchain Workbench provides “the platform for an end-to-end blockchain application,” and can be set up “with just a few simple clicks,” according to the announcement. Making it more simple, Microsoft is trying to assign a method by which companies and their developers can build apps on top of Azure-based blockchains.

Azure general manager Matthew Kerner wrote in a blog post published Monday, Which stated that ”Today, we’re excited to announce the public preview release of Azure Blockchain Workbench, a new contribution that will reduce application development time from months to days,”

Kerner added:

“Workbench gets customers started quickly by automating infrastructure setup, so developers can focus on application logic, and business owners can focus on defining and validating their use cases.”

Some of the firm’s which are existing partners with Microsoft have already taken advantage of the Workbench, Microsoft announced, including Israel’s Bank Hapoalim, food distributor Nestle and “quote-to-cash” software producer Apttus.

Stepping back, the move is just the latest for the technology giant, which has joined several blockchain-focused partnerships in the last few months.

Microsoft is working with the United Nations, Hyperledger, Cornell University’s Blockchain Research Group and research consortium R3 to study different aspects of blockchain technology.

Outside of those group efforts, Microsoft has shown interest in the technology for digital identity purposes, as previously reported.


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