The general merchandisers, Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation which is the largest company by revenue. The retail corporation recently hints the possible use of the blockchain in its services.


The patent filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office i.e. USPTO in last October stated that the technology would secure ”restricted access areas” at a customer’s home. Walmart also mentioned that blockchain could work as part of a solution for ” authentication-based access and encryption”. That could make the restricted area accessible to the vehicles. In addition to the technology mentioned, the network distribution could also give a means to track and validate the goods by themselves.

The automated vehicles which can receive the packages are called as the AGV (Autonomous Ground Vehicle)  by Walmart. This system will provide a huge comfort to the customers and may increase the loyalty of them towards the company. It will be less expensive and a better means in cost-cutting. Walmart also stated that the customer can interact with the product via an authentication key( can be private or public). 

Walmart also added in the above proposal that blockchain would also improve the automation in the services it provides. Walmart patent envisions blockchain in their delivery system.