Huawei to Offer First Crypto Wallet App on Latest Smartphones
Huawei to Offer First Crypto Wallet App on Latest Smartphones

Huawei the Chinese telecommunications firm and smartphone maker has partnered with BTC.COM to introduce a mobile cryptocurrency app which Huawei will be launching in his newly launched app store.

Bitmain, the owner of, works on cryptocurrency mining and has a wast mining rigs set up and also provides a digital wallet service. Alejandro de la Torre, who is the Vice President for business operations of, told that the new wallet application will be launched in Huawei’s proprietary app store, AppGallery, which was launched in March.

Currently, Huawei AppGallery is only available for customers on a pre-install basis on the latest Huawei devices, but in the second quarter of this year, it will be rolled out for older versions. That said, the effort by Huawei to boost cryptocurrency wallet support is still a notable move and is planning to open up cryptocurrency services to a potentially huge user base.

Dr. Jaime Gonzalo, vice president of Huawei Mobile Services said, ”Cryptocurrencies have recently expanded the human understanding of digital economy at a large scale … We expect to see massive growth in global cryptocurrency adoption habits in the near future”.

Huawei’s move also comes at a time when the tech giant is moving to beef up its wider effort for blockchain development.

Huawei launched its blockchain-as-a-service platform just last month – one built on Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 technology developed by the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger blockchain consortium, of which Huawei has been a member since 2016.


Huawei image via Shutterstock