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There are still opportunities for those women, who left their job for their in-laws or for those who have the zeal to work but couldn’t work after marriage. There are many comfortable platforms in which married women can pursue their part time jobs.

Women are considered to have given equal rights everywhere. But anciently, it was supposed that women are meant for doing works for their homes only. Men were given all the opportunity to do any kind of work for their own as well as family’s livelihood. And also the women were considered to be a traditional homemaker in India. 

Now in this modern society, the thinking has transformed. Every woman has been given all the rights equivalent to men. Even they are given more privilege in many places. You can consider these changes as the outcome of regular feminist movements, and this assiduity has brought the women status up in the society. This is a step for the upcoming generation to uphold their dignity. The future generation won’t face such kind of deportment in the working society.

But you must have been thinking and are dubious if the girl gets married, Will she be able to work? What kind of job she can apply for as everyone gets busy after marriage and have their responsibilities.

In India, some things have changed and some are still going through the traditional beliefs. This thing is among those which is questionable. Many professional women would think, they can do the full-time job and also give their time to fulfill their family needs while on the other side working for a full-time after marriage might not be a good option for many.

“Remember, it is never too late to start, believe in yourself.”

So without further ado, let’s have a look at the part-time opportunities married women can grab.

“Don’t let your potential skills fade away.”

Discussed List of part-time jobs –

  1. Home Tuitions

One of the best ways to work part-time is to start home tuitions. This will help your education to not get wasted away. You can teach subjects of your choice and can teach drawing or painting as well. This can be selected according to your choice and skills.

  1. Conducting Social events

In your locality, you can conduct social events like singing, dancing, painting, and anchoring. Many other programs can also be arranged and managed depending on the time you have. It can be so enjoyable part-time also.

  • Blogging and content writing

If your literature and content writing skills are good. You can work as a part-timer for several websites available. The aged blog of yours can also be continued to have more sponsors attraction towards it.

  • Online product selling

The product of your handcrafted work can be sold online. Just do the registration on the top websites to get a good payment in a few days. Or if you are good at digital marketing, you can work from home and get paid for your online sales and marketing.

  • Youtubing

This is the best way of earning as a part-timer for all. Create some genuine video content of your interest and of public interest as well which are mostly searched. The married woman while doing work at home can also prepare good videos about DIY(do it yourself) hacks, cooking, teaching, arts, and crafts. This can get them a large amount of audience. And sponsors would love to show their ads on such popular channels. So married women can earn from here also.

  • Sewing or crocheting classes

Again, depending on the skills, married women can give a training to the enthusiasts of sewing and crocheting. The items prepared for this type of sessions can also be sold afterward. And this type of classes can be taken by those married women who don’t know much about technology(software and social networks).

  • Saloon or beauty parlor at home

For married women, it would be a good time at home doing part-time. Every woman needs to have a facial, haircut or any kind of make-up. Therefore, opening a saloon at home and doing it for earning part-time, can be a good option.

At the concluding lines, the belief that comes forward is that married woman can also do part-time and earn from their own, becoming self-dependent and confident.

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