Let's Find Out The Career Options In Blockchain Technology - www.richorich.com
Let's Find Out The Career Options In Blockchain Technology - www.richorich.com

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are newly emerging revolutionary technology which promises a broad scope of opportunities. Some of those are mentioned below:

  • Blockchain developer:

Blockchain Developer cab is considered as one who develops an entire software system. People who excel at server-side programming and own good analytical skills can start their career as a blockchain developer. A person should know the basics of bitcoin blockchain and the types of blockchains as well. It can be easily learned via videos, documents, and articles. In this domain, you will learn how to set up nodes, ways of submitting blockchain transactions and triggering smart contact functions from a web page. 

A developer needs to be active online and maintain a continuous connection with communities on Reddit, Gitter, StackExchange, etc.

  • Consultant:

As the boom of blockchain is increasing, more companies are interested to be a part of this technology. They would seek for consultants who have a deep knowledge of the field to know its use-case and its benefit in expanding their trade. If you have been a part of the trade market or business, this opportunity is meant for you. It is recommended to understand the basics of blockchain technology via bitcoin whitepaper. There should be a basic understanding of supply chain, IOT, identity management, etc as well.

  • Community management.

Blockchain and the cryptocurrencies have gained their power via active communities that boosts their development and popularity. As a community manager, you can collaborate with trustworthy and verified blockchain start-ups. Your services can include event organization, outreaching communities, discussing their activities. It will provide with an opportunity to engage with people of similar interests to gain personal insights about the industry and community.

  • Blockchain Generalist

If the technicality doesn’t interest you and you are not from the coding background, then you can opt for being a blockchain generalist. If you are pursuing your career as a financial advisor or an equity trader, it will help you to decide the ways in which blockchain can benefit you in your current processes and systems. Rather than seeking advice from others, you will be able to improve your supply chain process via blockchain. Further, it will also secure your financial transactions.

  • Blockchain Experts

Blockchain experts are the creators and developers of the interface and blockchain systems. It will help you gain a deep understanding of coding in different blockchain networks protocols according to the need of the client or company. A thorough knowledge of programming, cryptography, and blockchain is needed to pursue as a blockchain expert. A person should have excellent analytical skills and be sound in coding.

  • Explore Newer Paths

The blockchain and cryptocurrency job market is flourishing at a faster pace, and those interested in being a part of this industry can seek for their own paths to success. Rather than spending a long time in academic institutes to learn about blockchain, DIY approaches can streamline the process and feasible for one to attempt. Since the market is ever evolving and budding, it comes with a newer opportunity every day; all it needs is a seeker.

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