Let's Explore Some Real Businesses Under 1 Lac-www.richorich.com
Let's Explore Some Real Businesses Under 1 Lac-www.richorich.com

Even before thinking of starting a business, finance is the most important asset that a person requires. Though the availability of capital used to limit one’s scope. But gone are the days when starting even a small business costed lacs. A minimal amount of 1 lac can aid you to start a business in your chosen field.

It is crucial to consider and evaluate all the business options before coming to a decision. It will not only generate higher returns but will also prevent your money draining for bank loan interests.

Here are some of the business ideas which can be started with an initial amount of 1 lac or less. I hope it would serve your purpose.


If you have good contacts in your city, this job is a perfect match for you. You can start your real estate brokerage agency with just an office space and one or two companions for assistance.

The job requires you to search for a property or flat and set the landlord and tenant. If the deal is finalized, you charge money from each side as per the market rates.


Social media marketing has been serving as the best marketing campaign for promoting big as well as small-scale enterprises. If you have an online marketing background, you can provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services to the clients.

Your job will be to manage the social links and come up with innovative ideas to maximize the outreach of the company. However, you should be familiar with every aspect of the SEO techniques to uplift your name in the field.


With the changing trends, people are becoming more and more concerned about their health and physique. There is a great demand for a dietary consultant who has adequate knowledge and can advise for a better health.

Therefore, if you belong to a health and fitness background, you can offer dietary consultation to the clients. As a dietician, you may provide your clients with a plan including proper diet, exercises, and supplements that would lead to a better health and lifestyle.

However, you have to establish yourself first and find new clients for your business. You consult them for proper diet and nutrition that they need for staying in great shape.


Parties and events have become a part of an individual’s life. The hosts are always in search of an event manager who could organize event efficiently and smoothly. You just have to have good managing skills and creative in your approach.

Party planning ranges from catering to decorating the venue. You do not need much capital investment but good contacts to get your work done efficiently. All you need is an office and adequate advertising to initiate your business.


Blogging and content writing are the most rapidly developing business in the industry. All reputed firms and companies are in search of a writer who can draft articles or content of high quality.

If you have been deeply interested in language and holds a good command over vocabulary, this is the perfect field for you. Further content writing asks very little from you. All u need is a PC or computer and a source of good internet.

Folks, it is time to convert your passion and knowledge into business without worrying the investment. It is time to remove the money barrier and take a step forward to test your ideas.

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