How to earn money through Quora? -
How to earn money through Quora? -

In the recent years, Quora has gained worldwide popularity. It has emerged as a brilliant platform to interact with people globally. Within a few years, it has attained a huge number of 200 million monthly users and has acquired its name among the top 150 websites of the world. Quora aids in several ways to generate revenue directly or indirectly. It can be used to drive traffic to your business sites, sharing blog content, gaining a profound knowledge of a certain topic or to know more about the issues concerning your business.

The feature which has made Quora prevalent is the fact that it has user-generated content. It covers numerous topics including journalism, philosophy, photography, traveling, politics, finance and what not! With the ever-growing Quora community, it has the potential to reach a whole new level in the upcoming years.

Since Quora has attained worldwide attention, it promises to act as a potential revenue generating tool. Let us know about some of the ways to earn money via Quora.

·       Answering Quora Questions:

Answer the Quora questions doesn’t generate revenue directly. But if you are a blogger, actively participate in answering the question of your interest or field and gain recognition and reputation. Depending on your quality and knowledge about the topic, industry experts would approach you for their projects. Consequently, you can start charging for your services. 

·       Driving Traffic to your blogging or business site:

For any business or blogging site to be successful, you need a target audience to recognize it. Quora has been working as a brilliant mode of advertising and directing massive traffic to one’s site. All you need to do is to find relevant questions on Quora and reply them with a high-quality answer. Better the quality of the answer, more the Upvotes and views. Once you start getting enough recognition, attach a relevant post’s link directing to your blogging site.

Quora is considered one of the best ways to make money with affiliate marketing which is a substantial means of making considerable money online.

·       Sell e-books

If you are specialized in a certain topic, you can write an e-book consisting of the solutions to the problems related to the issue. Once you are done publishing your book, find the relevant questions on the Quora and gain attention by answering them in detail. By adding the link to your e-book, traffic can be easily directed into buying it.

·       Sell your services

As we have learned earlier, It is an excellent medium to advertise your services. If you hold expertise in web-development, Freelance Writing, Business Consultancy or Link Building, then Quora will serve you best to reflect your knowledge in the field. Surely people will be keen to contact you for their projects and money making will be made easy. All you need to take care of is the quality of your answer. The key to maximum attention is to write a genuine and high-quality answer to illustrate your skills in a particular domain.

So, it is easy and fun for those who love writing, to earn from Quora. Below is the link to start earning from today.

Link Here

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