Nexo Airdrop Alert: Everything You Need To Know -
Nexo Airdrop Alert: Everything You Need To Know -

Right now, the Nexo airdrop has a value of around $3.5 which in terms of Nexo currency is 4205 Nexo tokens. For each person you refer the Nexo airdrop to, you get 2241 Nexo tokens that are worth $2. This is the thing which you can get to know from anywhere. Here, in this article, you will get to know how the Nexo blockchain will help small and medium-sized enterprises increase their business, have banking products without collateral, three years audited financials, guarantees; and proof of revenues.

This is not a full proof plan though! Didn’t get a clear picture?

Well, it won’t work for small businesses. How? Let’s understand by an example.

Just imagine that you run a business on a small scale, likely a bakery in Baker Street and the very well-known Sherlock Holmes’ caretaker, Mrs. Hudson comes to your shop every day to buy cupcakes. She is your regular customer. But, one day, instead of cash, she wishes to pay for the cupcakes through a credit card, what do you do? Because in operating a small business, you do not accept credit cards.

It may be that you do accept card payments but just think about it for a moment, where you don’t accept cards. What is the reason behind it? Rather, what are the several reasons behind it?

Let’s get to know them.

The main reason would have been that banks didn’t agree to sign an agreement to do so. Again, why? These bankers usually have a tendency to go to or accept to give their services to their corporate clients as they are less prone to risks than you. You do not have collateral assets, do not have a good credit history and probably not even a significant deposit nor audited financials.

There is always a ‘but’ after a problematic situation. Here the but is that you can still grow your small business to new heights.

The people from have a solution to at least this problem of yours! Want to know the solution?

The cute, little device you see there, is called Nexo smart terminal, which will accept any type of card – VISA, MasterCard and even an American Express card. Just keep this terminal with you, and it will make way for all the cashless transactions.

They even have a Nexo card, which stores your points for you, to use it for authorization on trading venues. Who is making this happen? The back office operations use the blockchain technology, IBM Hyperledger. It will track all your transactions, convert amounts of money to points and even send them to your private accounts.

Nexo ICO

Token: NEXO; PreICO Price: 1 NEXXO = 0.00083 USD; Accepting: ETH, BTC, Fiat; Soft cap: $10 million; Hard cap: $44285714; Restricted area: USA; Pre-Sale Date: October 31st 2018 – December 1st 2018; Public Sale Date: December 1st 2018 – December 31st 2018

Added benefits if you use Nexo:

Worried about the security of your money? No need to.

Nexo has partnered with some banks and international banks (like VISA, MasterCard and American Express) to help you with securing your money. Basically, Nexo uses a blockchain, with permissions, which enables them to have local certifications with local central banks by meeting certain security and confidentiality provisions.

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