Here’s what happened this week in Bitcoin in 99 seconds.


Crypto markets hit a fresh low for the year early this week, with Bitcoin falling as low as $3,600.Again Bitcoin google search has started to be more from the past 6 month low, and so we can think that it could be a sign that public interest in Bitcoin is rising due to price down and becoming affordable to buy.

OHIO state in United State has become the first nation to officially accept Bitcoin in Tax payments. Initially, only Businesses in the state can pay taxes in Bitcoin and soon they will be expanding to accept payments for individuals also.

Bitmain, the biggest Chinese Bitcoin mining farm has been under the lawsuit, due to there mining machines ASIC miners automatically mine for the company’s benefit during initialization, and they have to pay 5 million dollar in damages for this.

Paraguay a Country in South America revealed plans to create the world’s biggest Bitcoin mining farm, as the country has a massive amount of renewable hydroelectric power and much of which it exports to nearby countries. And by using the power to mine Bitcoin, Paraguay is planning to use its abundant energy.

The US government announced “sanctions” on two Bitcoin addresses which it says belong to Iranian hackers. It’s unclear how the ban could be practically enforced.

Finally, Asus announced that their new graphics card will allow gamers to automatically mine crypto when not otherwise in use.

That’s what happened this week in Bitcoin. See you next week.