15 Major Websites That Accept Bitcoins - www.richorich.com
15 Major Websites That Accept Bitcoins - www.richorich.com

Bitcoins have made a way for themselves in today’s world quite easily. But a majority of the population of the world is unaware of what they are, how to use them and where to use them!

Well, here is a brief knowledge you need to have about bitcoins.

Cryptocurrency is a medium to transfer money online through really strong cryptography.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. Well, it is considered as the first decentralized cryptocurrency, which was released in the year 2009. The meaning of a decentralized cryptocurrency is that this currency is not stored anywhere, it does not have a central bank or an administrator. Bitcoins work on a bitcoin network directly without having the need of a middleman.

How the transactions of bitcoins work?

They use a Forth-like scripting language. Transactions are a combination of one or more than one inputs; and one or more than one outputs. When you use to transfer bitcoins, in the output part, you have the amount you want to send as well as a designated address. To prevent you from spending more than you wanted to, bitcoin network asks you to refer to a previous unspent output in the blockchain.

The use of more than one inputs is so that you can use more than one bitcoin in a transaction.

So, that you can easily send bitcoins to more than one user in just a single transaction.

Where do bitcoins work?

Well, here you will know some of the major websites which allow you to make payments through bitcoins –

1) MICROSOFT: They have been into bitcoin business since the year 2014. But, Microsoft only accepts bitcoin payments for its Xbox Store.

Click here to know the details about how to pay in bitcoins in Microsoft.

2) CheapAir: For those of you who do not know, cheapair.com is a website similar to MakeMyTrip and Goibibo. You can book your flight tickets through their portal. It is an American website; therefore, it has rates displayed in dollars. This site allows you to pay in bitcoins. After, selecting your flight and entering your personal details, you are given an option to select your mode of payment. It has an option where you can pay in bitcoins or bitcoin cash or litecoins or even dash.

3)  eGifter: This is an online platform which sells gifting products and accepts payments through bitcoins.

4) Overstock: At overstock.com, you can pay in bitcoins for literally everything. Like Microsoft, even Overstock started taking bitcoins as a mode of payment in 2014. This site takes payment not just in bitcoins, but also many other types of cryptocurrencies.

5) Dish: The company which provides satellite television and Internet services is one of the largest companies which accepts bitcoins in one of its payment modes plus it also accepts any kind of cryptocurrency.

6) Intuit Labs: Intuit Labs is the company behind Tax preparatory software and accounting software, Quick books which allows you to make payments for the purchase of their software though bitcoins.

7)  Playboy: The very well known, media and lifestyle company, also accepts payments on their official website through bitcoins.

8) Purse.io: purse.io allows you to buy many products available on Amazon by paying in bitcoins. Sometimes, they provide you with a five per cent to sometimes a twenty-five per cent discount on the products.

9) QHoster: This website provides hosting and VPS services to other online portals. To purchase these and many such services, you can use your bitcoins!

10) Expedia: Again, this is an online travel agency which allows you to pay in bitcoins.

11) PayPal: PayPal accepts bitcoins as a mode of payment. PayPal uses run-through payment processors such as GoCoin, Coinbase, and BitPay.

12) Newegg: Addicted to gadgets? It will be a surprise for you when you will get to know that Newegg allows you to pay in bitcoins. The payment processor partner for this website is BitPay.

Newegg allows you to make payments through bitcoins only when you purchase a product which is particularly sold by Newegg and not by any other seller who sells on Newegg.

13) Shopify: Shopify is one of the biggest e-commerce websites, similar to eBay. This site started accepting payments in the form of bitcoins in the year 2013. Their payment processor is BitPay.

14) PizzaForCoins: Want to order pizza, but also want to use your bitcoins? No worries! PizzaForCoins comes to your rescue!

Currently, this site accepts bitcoins plus more than forty other cryptocurrencies as well. 

15) Gyft: Gyft is a digital platform which you can use to send gift cards from various retail stores, online.

This website also accepts payments in bitcoins.

Well, these were the 15 major websites that allow you to pay in bitcoins.

Stay tuned to get more updates on such technologies!

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